Islamic Finance : An Old Skeleton in A Modern Dress - HARD COVER Authored by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asyraf Wajdi Dato' Dusuki, Head of Research Affairs, ISRA . This book is a collection of the author's personal articles that brings together previously published papers on the topic of Islamic finance. Most of the articles of this book are taken from his research articles that were written and published in various international academic refereed journals. Altogether, 10 articles are included, covering diverse issues and areas in Islamic banking and finance. It is hoped that the writings would contribute to create greater awareness and comprehension about the philosophy and practice of Islamic finance. HARD COVER: * ISBN: 978-983-44169-3-5 * Published 2008
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  1. A Critical Appraisal on the Challenges of Realizing Maqasid al-Shari’ah in Islamic Banking and Finance
  1. Practice and Prospect of Islamic Real Estate Investment Trusts (I-REITS) in Malaysia Islamic Capital Market
  1. Banking for the Poor : The Role of Islamic Banking in Microfinance Initiatives
  1. Why Do Malaysian Customers Patronise Islamic Banks?
  1. The Ideal of Islamic Banking: A Survey of Stakeholders Perceptions
  1. Understanding the Objectives of Islamic Banking A Survey of Stakeholders’ Perspectives
  1. Maqasid al-Shari’ah,Maslahah and Corporate Social Responsibility
  1. Customers’ Perceptions of Islamic Hire-Purchase Facility in Malaysia: An Empirical Analysis
  1. Fiqh Issues in Short Selling as Implemented in the Islamic Capital Market in Malaysia
  1. Commodity Murabahah programme (CMP): An Innovative Approach to Liquidity Management

Islamic Finance : An Old Skeleton in A Modern Dress - HARD COVER