ISRA Compendium for Islamic Finance Terms (Arabic - English) – hard cover The compendium is designed to familiarize the experts and students in Islamic finance with linguistic and technical meanings of some of the Islamic financial terms. This compendium is unique in the sense that it defines most of the relevant financial terms in both Arabic and English language. Also, it explains terminologies from a fiqh perspective the differences between financial terms that are apparently synonymous but which on closer examination, have distinct meanings in the usage of jurists. Besides that, the translation of the Arabic terms has focused as much as possible on considering the English equivalents being used in the of Islamic finance. * ISBN : 978-983-44169-5-9* Published June 2011 * 912 pp
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PART     1: Financial Terms

This part contains financial terms that are carefully arranged in accordance with the origins of their words. In defining the terms, special attentions are given to their literal and technical meanings as well as the sources and references where they could be found. In the English translation, the appropriate financial terminologies for each of the terms.

PART 2 & 3: Financial Terms in Alphabetical Order

In this part, the financial terms are alphabetically arranged without reference to their Arabic root words.

PART 4: Indexes

This last part contains the index of the whole terms in Arabic and English so that reader would have easy access in locating their pages.

ISRA Compendium for Islamic Finance Terms (Arabic - English) – hard cover